Also Seniors Like Technologies

Also seniors at the age of 70 - 85 do not resist to use the information technologies.  
We are talking about the retirement facility DOMOV from Bratislava´s residential part Dubravka. The seniors from the facility responded to the offer from the company Aliter Technologies with the great enthusiasm. IT specialists, who, in the volunteer week organized by BDC (Bratislava Volunteer Center), decided to disclose to the seniors the practical world of information-communications technologies, met with the students with such a hunger for new information and knowledge that could be the envy of many educators.
As Martin Adamka, one of trainers of the company Aliter Technologies, revealed they prepared an educational workshop which was tailored to the needs and interests of these active seniors. The marketing specialist adds: „ organizing of the workshop for the seniors is very significant for the company, because we feel that also the elderly people are directly affected by technologies. Therefore, we would like to be the ones who will bring them the technologies closer.“
The facility director, Mgr.Janka Dudoňová, was very happy about the cooperation with the company and the interest of the seniors. „I really appreciate the added value this workshop gave to our seniors. I was pleasantly surprised to see the interest with which they delved into the secrets of handling the information technologies. I am also very happy about their determination to apply gained knowledge into practice. It will help them to stay in touch with their close relatives and further social contacts. And that is very good.“

Aliter Technologies Again Discovers Vulnerability on APIC Devices of CISCO

A company´s Security Researcher, during the security audit of devices delivered by the company, repeatedly disclosed a vulnerability on APIC devices of CISCO Company. CISCO is not aware of any public announcements or malicious use of the vulnerability.  The Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), after being notified by the company Aliter Technologies, released software updates that address this vulnerability. Reference:

Aliter Technologies at INFOFEST in MONTENEGRO

Also this year the company Aliter Technologies took part in the most significant event in the field of ICT in Montenegro, the conference INFOFEST 2016. The event, which was held in Budva from 26 September – 1 October 2016, is organized by the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications and it is a place annually attended by significant representatives from the public sector, government, educational and financial institutions, telecommunication sector, energy sector etc. More than 1000 participants from 29 countries participated in this year´s conference. Our company delivered, within the panel Digital Society and Operational Achievements of Electronic Government, the presentation Securing System Integration. 

Systems in Cloud but Feet Firmly on the Ground!

On Thursday, 22 September 2016 Aliter Technologies, in cooperation with the company IBM, organized the seminar „Systems in Cloud but Feet Firmly on the Ground“. The seminar took place in the conference venue of the Hotel Bratislava and its aim was to provide the participants with more detailed information about Cloud operation and management, to point out its advantages and the need to use it.
Participants had the chance to extend their knowledge about the way Cloud is run in the public sector. They learned how it differs from other modern ICT infrastructure, what advantages it brings to the organization, how it can save time and resources. Secure operation of the information systems in Cloud as well as automation and orchestration were the further fields presented during the seminar. Invited guests also had the opportunity to see the illustrative examples of Cloud services.

Aliter Technologies as a HPE Silver Partner FY16

Aliter Technologies has confirmed its membership in the partner program of the company HPE, HPE Partner Ready. By fulfilling demanding conditions and acquiring several technical and sales certificates it has qualified itself as a Silver Partner. The company has obtained the competencies in the categories Silver Server Specialist and Silver Storage Specialist. The certification is a proof of a high level expertise of the employees and the ability of the company to develop a cooperation with renowned IT leader and continuously move forward.

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