Special Systems division of AT launched a unique campaign

Aliter Technologies company decided to strengthen its awareness in connection to the 10th anniversary of the establishment with the unique campaign of the Special systems division, targeted not only on the professionals, but also general public.  Since the products and solutions of the division are tightly connected with the defence, security and crisis management, company determined the main motif of the campaign to be a soldier.
Campaign had been launched in the beginning of the May in Slovak Republic, as well as in neighboring Czech Republic – in Prague and Brno. Within Slovakia, Aliter Technologies presented its billboards in 7 cities, in the concrete in Bratislava, Trenčín, Zvolen, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Nitra and Prešov. Not only billboards and bigboards had been enwrapped into the striking visual by Aliter Technologies, but also digital LED screens, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Besides that a remarkable video, which can be found on the You Tube channel of the company, had been created.
You can check a backstage video in our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9yokb3wD5U

Aliter Technologies gained ESET Platinum Level

Aliter Technologies had been promoted in the partnership program of company of ESET into the highest category – Platinum level. The gain of the highest level of partnership is based on the active cooperation, above-the-standard technological know-how and trust. At the same time, it also is a declaration of how the company provides its clients with the added value embodied by the specialists, capable to advice effectively and help with the implementation of the products.

The prestigious award for Aliter Technologies

The company of Hewlett Packard Enterprise awarded their best business partners of 2016. The management of the corporation announced the winners in numerous categories during the Enterprise Café 2016 in Rajecké Teplice. Aliter Technologies had succeeded in between the concurrence and received the prestigious award of The Best Partner 2016 for Technology Services. The award had been presented to the Aliter Technologies by Santiago Aguado, the Managing Director of HPE Slovakia.

The company Aliter Technologies to support third sector

This year for the first time, the company Aliter Technologies participated with its charity project at the traditional Christmas markets in Bratislava. This project was designed to help non-profit organizations and sheltered workshops that wished to be presented in stalls designated for charity but it would be extremely difficult for them because of the capacity or other reasons.
Employees of Aliter Technologies offered to the visitors of the markets Christmas decorations made by two sheltered workshops for this purpose. The company has also decided to devote the entire proceeds from the sale to non-profit organisation Plamienok which helps terminally ill children and their families.
″We are a company that can and want to help others – especially those who are dependent on such an assistance. This year we participated in several successful charity projects and we are very happy that the Christmas fundraiser for Plamienok gave it all a nice end,″ summed the charity event CEO of Aliter Technologies Peter Dostál.

Aliter Technologies at the Jubilee Anniversary of the International Congress ITAPA

Nearly a hundred of interesting presentations and discussions about the world of digital technologies and their applicability in everyday life, even in the areas where one would not expect it. Domestic and international speakers, managers from the public sector, IT sector, academics and non-profit organizations. That is what the jubilee, 15the anniversary of the international congress ITAPA, which has been the most significant and best-known event in Slovakia dealing with the informatisation of the public sector (eGovernment) since 2002, looked like.
The company Aliter Technologies supported the event, held in the spirit of the main present trend MAKE IT EASY!, in the form of the Silver Partnership. With our presentation “Cloud – chosen aspects and parallels” we have focused on some aspects and parallels of Cloud possibilities in the in the light of a current trend of the transition from common IaaS solutions to PaaS services.

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